• Magnets is an exciting board game, a battle of the magnetic pieces on the magnet board. The game is based on the magnetic properties to repel each other with like poles.
  • This strategic game makes you plan your moves carefully as you try to outwit your opponent. Each player has 18 figures - warriors, the goal of the game is to use a magnetic field to push all pieces of your opponent off the board.
  • Be alert and exercise logic as you navigate the board to push several pieces off at once and keep yourself safe. Concentrate and attack – your opponent’s piece is out of the game! An easy and quick game with a unique gameplay!
  • The game is designed for two players. Estimated play time is 10 minutes.
  • Each Magnets board game’s piece contains a powerful neodymium magnet. Use it to repel the neighboring pieces.
  • The game is based on the principle when a magnetic field of the led piece repels the neighboring pieces. One move can change the position of two or even three pieces standing together at a time.
  • Move the opponent’s pieces to the end of the board and push them out. The one who clears the board wins!
  • Magnets for any group of people! You can take the game wherever you go, and the magnetic pieces will not fall off the board.
  • If you want to try something new, to feel the magnet power, then this is the right game for you!
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  • A total of 162 neodymium magnets are used in the game!
  • Magnets is a two-player game. One player has the light color pieces, the other has the dark pieces. In the initial position setup, the pieces are situated in two rows.
  • The players take turns moving three times each. Your goal is to force out all opponent’s pieces.
  • If a piece reaches the end of the board on the opponent's side, it becomes a king and receives a crown. A king has more rights and can take 5 moves at one turn.
  • Do a three-piece block so that your opponent cannot push it.
  • In order to gain an advantage over your opponent, do trains to move two or three pieces at a time.
It’s easy, funny, and exciting! Have a nice game!
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